Why Alkaline?

Maintain a Healthy Ph Balance

Achieving a proper balance in your body is vital to your health and well-being. In its natural state, the pH of our body is slightly alkaline. It must remain this way for our very survival and has developed complex mechanisms to ensure

this balance is maintained.

  • Maintain your metabolism

    Healthy part of weight loss

    Speeds mineral absorption

    Help excrete toxins

  • Reduce your appetite

    Support healthy probiotics

    Promote healthy weight loss

    Protect against mercury

  • Optimizes detox regimens

    Improve athletic hydrations & recovery

    Keeps you full for longer period of time

    Cells hydrate quickly

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Clear Breeze (Alkaline water) and electrolytes helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream. Which leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. Clear Breeze cleanses the colon, rejuvenates the skin and lubricates muscles and joints. Not only is Clear Breeze great water, but also the fact that ionized water is antioxidant water is fantastic.

It will provide you with pH buffers to help keep your body pH balanced. It’s also filled with natural antioxidants, which are free to naturally fight free radicals. Free radical damage in the body is like rust, which cell walls can get so degraded that they even mutate if you don’t do something about free radicals damage.

Clear Breeze will strive to make our customers pleased with the clear fresh taste. We serve quality water that’s at a pH level of 9-10. Our passion for our business is to help others drink water that’s healthy for the body. Clear Breeze will give you the motivation to keep going and going. Motivation to become energized.