About Us


As a child, I’ve always loved drinking water. I even filled all of my drinking cups with water from the sink, then placed them in the refrigerator to become ice cold. Getting older, I paid more attention to the different brands of water my family would purchase. The taste of the waters were


I became an athlete in my high school years and loved water even more. No one could get me to drink much of anything but water. Becoming an adult, and raising a family of my own, water is our main beverage. As much as I love water, my body always felt tired and dehydrated. My energy level to do anything was low. So knowing that water was all I would be drinking, I began researching how to stay hydrated on ionized water. I stayed in contact with companies in various states to give me a clear understanding on the information I was researching. I started to learn everything I could about ionization and alkaline.

One Day, I came up with this idea of starting our own alkaline water. Just knowing all about it and how it could make your body feel hydrated and energized was a joy for me. My husband and I know that our process of starting our own alkaline water would not only be an enhancement to us,

but also to everyone that wanted to lose weight, felt tired, or dehydrated. Finally, we are ready to bring Clear Breeze Alkaline Water to the mainstream. I am committed to provide the best quality of water to help people feel, and even look better.